Reflexology Lymph Drainage

In September 2014 I attended the Reflexology Lymph Drainage course run by Sally Kay. I was particularly drawn to this method as the initial research study into the method showed significant results in improving the management of secondary lymphoedema in patients affected by treatment for breast cancer. This has led to more funding being awarded for further research into this method which is currently ongoing but preliminary data results are showing the same positive results.

As a reflexologist it is really exciting to see some clinical research being undertaken and so of course learning how to carry out this method myself was a must. 

Before proceeding with the reflexology treatment on the feet, the volume of both arms will be measured and recorded and a short questionnaire completed. The reflexology treatment will then be carried out using a problem specific sequence on both feet while the client relaxes. On completition of the reflexology both arms will again be measured and recorded so that before and after volumes can be compared. This protocol is repeated for each subsequent reflexology treatment so that an ongoing record is kept. Photos of the affected arm may also be taken with the client's permission to help maintain a visual record as well.

Because of the measurement protocol alongside the normal consultation process and the treatment time of 45 minutes, clients should initially allow 1 hour 30 mins for their appointments.

Reflexology Treatments - 45 mins - £35
Course of 5 reflexology treatments - £150