Adapted Reflexology for Cancer Care

During my initial reflexology training, therapists are sometimes advised not to work with clients who are undergoing treatment for cancer. I found this rather frustrating after speaking to clients who told me about their experiences of receiving complementary therapies on a volunteer basis at hospital not only during their medical treatment, but at the same time as having their chemotherapy. I heard first hand how much these clients had enjoyed reflexology and knew this was something I wanted to know more and feel confident about providing and so attended a fantastic course at the Christie Hospital in Manchester with Dr Peter Mackereth to learn how to adapt reflexology for cancer patients.

After the course in 2010 I became a volunteer at the Cancer Care Unit at Stoke Mandeville hospital where until recently I offered reflexology and massage to patients, carers and relatives on a fortnightly basis.

In June 2015 I became the Penny Brohn reflexologist working every Tuesday and Friday at Linford Wood Medical Centre.

Complementary therapies are 'complementary' to a cancer patient's treatment and care and not a replacement for conventional treatment. Doctors at Stoke Mandeville and on a wider national and international level, encourage relaxing therapies to be used alongside conventional medical care and those who have had therapies say that it helps them feel relaxed, reduces anxiety and for some eases symptoms such as pain, nausea and poor sleeping patterns.

Reflexology Treatments - 45 mins - £35
Course of 5 reflexology treatments - £150